Our goal is to instill children with the joy of life long learning. We aim to nurture their creativity through success in each stages of difficulties to build up their confidence. We also aim to guide children through difficulties they encounter that will help build up their resilience.


Mr. Richard Yin



Mr Richard Yin was the founder of Wanthorpe Group of companies and oversaw various investments both publicly listed and privately held. Mr Yin has had more than fifteen years of regulatory experience and was a chairman/director of various Hong Kong listed companies.

Dr. Warren Linger



Dr. Warren is well known for his innovating, problem solving, conducting research in and studying best practices in creating innovative learning and teaching systems. His passion is to increase learning effectiveness and engagement for students as well as training outstanding teachers.

Dr. Albert Kwame Mensah

BCom, MPhil, PhD, CA, Ch.FE , Ch.E


Dr. Mensah is an Assistant Professor of Accounting at HEC Paris (France’s #1 business school), where he teaches on the MBA program and conducts empirical research that exploits machine learning and big data. Other than teaching, he also has corporate experience: he has in the past worked as accounts officer/acting accountant and in the present serves as corporate consultant and CEO of a tech based startup in Ghana.

Dr. Wing Shing Chan

Associate Professor


Dr. Chan has been teaching in the Department of Electrical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong for 33 years. He was the former Associate Head and Programme Leader and saw the transition from the 3 years to 4 years University curriculum.

Rev. Dr. Gangri “Philip” Gobu



He is a multilingual business and community leader who has been serving in the Third Pole since 2005. He received his Masters in Regional Studies—East Asia from Harvard in 1999, LL.B (honour) from University of London in 2004, and Ph.D in Law (Leadership) from Oxford Center for Mission Studies in 2017.  Other than involving in local, regional and global business and community development works and networks, and academic conferences, he and his teams run conventional and homeschools, disaster relief centres, schools for former slave girls, kindergarten, safe havens, anti-abortion and pro-life operation, vocational training programs, health food companies, restaurants, hotels, and medical operations in the Northeastern Asia.  In his free time he enjoys mountaineering, songwriting, reading and writing, cooking, imparting leadership to younger generation, teaching and supervising students from K1 to postgraduate levels. He is contactable at